From our readers:

“…The style in simple English makes one not to put it down till one completes.
We enjoyed it fully. The art by Gale is commendable and adds more beauty to the poems.”
– Sulochana, India

“Just wanted to say I am really enjoying the poetry and beautiful art work in your book. It is positive and uplifting with great color and makes me feel better. You did a very nice job on the beauty and simplicity. …”
– Jen, Colorado

“Thank you for the beautiful print from your wonderful book!  It is quite frameable, and I intend to do so.  Your book continues to bring joy!”
– Jeane, California

“We got our copy of Good Day yesterday. It is a beautiful project and it is helping us maintain a sense of optimism going forward!  Good job.”
– Henry, Washington

“What a beautiful book you and Gale made! … I really like how well each set of illustrations and poems goes together. They really do enhance each other, don’t you think? You (both) are great role models, making the world a better place, in creative ways.”
– Carol, Colorado

“Good Day is a Great Book. I really enjoyed the artwork tied to the poetry. Great Colorado images…. What a great collaborative effort at merging arts. Love it. I’ll read the messages over and over, trying to understand, knowing I won’t quite get there. But enjoying the journey. Many good contemplations follow. I guess that’s partly the goal of the authors. Kudos for you guys. Keep it up.”
– John, Kansas

“Bob and Gale, as one of your minor crowd funders for your book “Good Day” … I wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed reading and looking into the poems and artwork you have included. I read it from cover to cover in front of a warming winter fire the other day. It’s not often one gets such a personal view of the authors’ inner selves. By way of feedback, my top poem was Hand-me-down of Hand-me-downs. Brought out the reflective grandfather in me. For art, my favorite was Almost Spring in Red Feather. Just wanted to walk out into that landscape. My thanks for such a collection of optimism. Count me in for the next one.”
– Don, Maryland

“I just love your ‘Good Day’ book.”
– Sylvia, Minnesota

“Just got it. Beautiful! congrats! Will be ordering more.”
Jean, California


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