‘Good Day’ in school libraries

Our intent in making Good Day available in school libraries

We have enjoyed our artist-poet collaboration from the moment we began our Good Day project. When we decided to proceed to publication of the book and to use crowd-funding through Fort-Collins-based Community Funded to do so, it became obvious that we make a commitment to our contributors to not only print books for sale but also to make books available to libraries. There, we hope that people will enjoy the words and images, AND that some of them will find motivation to explore similar collaboration across artistic disciplines. School libraries are obvious places to try to realize this hope.

We will be pleased if Good Day helps an English teacher and an Art Teacher cooperate in helping their students enhance the potential of their work by working together. Perhaps a student can write a poem to interpret another student’s painting; perhaps a photographer can seek and find a photographic image that illustrates an essay. We do not pretend to know how students and teachers should foster collaboration. If Good Day serves as a useful example in such efforts we will be delighted. If a teacher believes we can help by coming to classroom or studio, we will try to find time to do so. And, of course, we hope that occasionally a student discovers Good Day on the shelf, enjoys it, and comes away with ideas for an adventure in creativity.

- Gale Whitman and Bob Komives

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