Artist Statement

‘Seasoned Optimism’ © Gale Whitman 2010

Since I was a child, I have always loved drawing pictures. I am fascinated by the human body and the colors, patterns, and timeless beauty of the natural world. In my art, I attempt to honor and celebrate the things I see and feel. Whether it’s a drawing of a nude model, a landscape, floral, or an abstract painting, I hope my art brings the viewer some reassurance in the goodness of the human spirit, and joy in appreciating the world around us.

Acrylic paint is my current medium of choice. It is versatile and forgiving, allowing me to experiment and make revisions to my heart’s content!  Lately, I have enjoyed painting sunflowers, people, landscapes, and abstracts. As I mature, I find I am waxing philosophical; I like pondering the balance between forces such as reason/intuition, control/freedom, micro/macro, physical/spiritual, and timeless/ephemeral things.

The world that we live in, with its 21st century technology, is challenging to many people. It is also an amazing wonder; the more I learn of the intricacies of nature, the more miraculous it all seems! I have decided to focus on the positive things I see and feel around me. I believe that using my artistic talent is my ‘gift back’ to the universe, and I hope that my artwork connects in an authentic way with others. Thank you for your interest!

– Gale Whitman


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