Lolli-poppies Complete!

I’m pleased to announce that my ‘Lolli-poppies’ mural in Old Town Fort Collins is finished!

Finished Lolli-poppies East

Gale’s completed ‘Lolli-poppies’ mural, painted by The Finishers LLC

Gale's completed 'Lolli-poppies' mural (south wall) painted by The Finishers

Gale’s completed ‘Lolli-poppies’ mural (south wall), painted by The Finishers LLC

I have nothing but praise for Markell Young and his crew The Finishers who did the actual painting of the mural. They began on Monday, August 24, 2015 with wall preparation and continued with transfer of my design, taping and masking around each separate area, spraying colors, and putting the final touches on the masterpiece on Tuesday, September 22. I added my ‘Artist’ signature the following day.

FirstBank set up a time lapse camera to record the entire mural creation process.  The camera took a photo once every 5 minutes, and the photos were compiled into a fun video which is posted on YouTube here:


I posted a lot of my own in-progress photos to an album you can see here.

To watch a short video of the crew working on the mural, click here.

Artist signature and mural title at north end of east wall

Artist signature and mural title on east wall

Gale signs Lolli-poppies

Gale adding her signature to ‘Lolli-poppies’ mural

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