Our Wonderful Supporters

This is our Contributor Hall of Fame!

Gale and Kalidas would like to recognize the following individuals for making pledges to our Kickstarter campaign in September 2012.  Their contributions made it possible for The Man From Space children’s picture book to be published.  There were 93 backers, pledging a total of $5,515.00!

Rob Aukerman
Michael Beck-Gifford
Sunit Bhalla
Grace Blowers
Jo Boyd
Arne Buechling
Brodi Caldwell
Khristopher Carlson
Chris Cecil
Jean Charney
Lynn Chriestenson
Tina Cooley
Deborah D Crawford
Dean and Jay
Kelly Derby
Jody Deschenes
John Dettle
Kim Dickson
Chris Domanik
Amy & Brad Dykstra
Jim, Nina and Ali Essey
Richard Essey
Sparrow Evans
Carson Favinger
Maria Fernandez-Gimenez and Devin R. Odell
Peter Frank
Ray Frush
Richard Fulton
Dionna Ghalambor
Margaret and Dave Graham
Timothy W Hasler
Angela Hill
Mary Hills
Ted Hook
Carole Hossan
Erin Hottenstein
Jennifer Iole
Jennifer Ivanovic
Bill Jenkins
Valerie Kaminski
Josh Kerson
Marney and Bob Komives
Maddie Krug
Jill Lackett
Arpad Lazar
Kay Leffler
Jill Mamini
Ben Manvel
Heather Matthews
Tara McCormac
The Mikkelsens
Mellon Monello
Troy J Mueller
Kimberly and Tom Noel
Debra OBryan
Sarah Peacock
Lillys and Hugh Price
Arnold and Marianne Rich
Kenneth Rich
Monique Rocca and Matt Wallenstein
Jennifer Rosecrance
Andrea Scales
Marc Seidman
Gina Simanek
Carol Simmons
Shane Stewart
Sibyl Stork
Sandy Trautz
April and Steve Undy
Andy Vancil
Michelle Venus
April Walden
Cathy & Larry Watson
Lucas and Pam Werner-Salsbury
Marion Wells
Deb Westcott
Carol Whitman
Russ Whitman
Joan Woodbury
Richard & Jean Yanaga
Bernadette Youngquist
Beth Zevenbergen

… and several backers who wished to remain anonymous.

A heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ goes to each one of you!

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