Seasoned Optimism

‘Seasoned Optimism’ © Gale Whitman 2010


This is a painting I completed in 2010, during a time that I had been feeling depressed about the state of the environment and of our society.  I remember a specific day when I verbally shared my worries with my husband.  I started to cry, and could not manage to stop crying for the remainder of the day!  The following day I was exhausted and I later came down with a bad cold.  I declared, ‘this approach isn’t working for me.’

While I don’t want to be a ‘Pollyanna’ and pretend that everything is fine, I realize it is more productive for me to focus on the positive aspects of life.  We are constantly presented with gloomy outlooks and examples of human depravity in the daily news.  I want to counteract some of that negativity with images and messages of hope.

I needed to paint this tree.  I yearned to show a living being that had obviously suffered through some tough winters, yet was sending out its springtime hopes in the form of tender, bright green leaves.  I chose the title ‘Seasoned Optimism’ for the reference to the annual seasons, and to indicate that the optimism is informed by experience.

It is my sincere hope that my artwork speaks to you and provides reassurance of the goodness in the world around us.  Thank you for your interest.

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