The Good Day Project

Photo of Gale Whitman and Bob Komives during ‘Good Day’ reception at Mugs on the Oval, August 2013


Bob & Gale’s Good Day Project!

I’m excited to share news of my collaboration with Bob Komives, which we have named ‘The Good Day Project!’

Bob and I have been working together for the past year on a creative endeavor to produce an art book of Bob’s poetry and my paintings.  We hope to self-publish the book in the fall of 2014, and we are embarking on a crowd-funding campaign to raise the necessary funds.

The online fundraising platform we will be using is Community Funded, a Fort Collins-based organization.  Bob and I hope to launch our campaign, with your help, on June 19 with a party at Mugs Coffee Lounge Downtown.  Check our Facebook Page for regular updates and more details as the event approaches!

For more details of our project, and background information about Bob and Gale, visit the Good Day page on this website.  Thanks for your interest!

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